MaMA Festival & Convention

PARIS / Pigalle – Montmartre

Lola Levent

Lola Levent is a poet, manager and journalist specialising in contemporary music and the arts. While working with several media outlets and record labels in Paris and Brussels, she founded the platform Beaux-Raps and started to take an interest in the topic of gender minorities in the music industry.

She then founded D.I.V.A., an agency which raises artists’ awareness of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), helping with career development (Angie, Joanna, Lazuli and Lou CRL) and getting projects of the ground.

She is also a LNO 2020 award winner, member of Mewem’s board, and she also helped found the association Change de Disque, which aims to find practical solutions to help combat problematic situations, from violence to wage inequality, which music industry professionals may find themselves in.

Lola is joining the MaMA 2022 artistic committee and cannot waits to get her hands on your musical gems!