MaMA Festival & Convention

PARIS / Pigalle – Montmartre


Managing Director: Daniel Colling
Director: Fernando Ladeiro-Marques
Administration / Accounting: Frédéric Marsala
Relations with public partners and professional organisations: Sandra Logassi

MaMA conference coordinator: Gilles Castagnac
Convention Coordinator: Elyssa Djermag
Convention coordination assistant: Marie-Siame Mechdal
MaMA Invent Programmer & Coordinator: Emily Gonneau
Programmer & Cozy Lab Coordinator: Flavien Appavou

Artistic Programmer and Programming Committee: Bénédicte Froidure
Programming committee: Benoit Maume, Lola Levent, Rodrigue Mercier
Production assistant and Music-Concerts coordinator: Emma Llense
Showcases Coordinator and Programming Committee: Philippe Le Breton

Head of communication & media: Eléonore Mével
Communications Assistant: Théophile Adam
Digital communication assistant: Bárbara Martínez

Professional and public ticketing manager: Alexandra Mau
Crédit Mutuel private partner manager: Charles Robillard
Marketing and Private Partnerships Manager: Philippe Le Breton
Private partnerships coordination assistant: Antoine Durbigny

Production manager: Léa Bos
Convention production assistant: Elsa Bereau
Convention Technical Directors: Mika Royer and Bruno Cerre
Music Showcases Technical Directors: Olivier Le Fur & Julian Vinay

JUMP Administrator: Mélissa Douville
Producer & communication manager JUMP: Nathalie Eyraud
JUMP Assistant: Gabriel Colling


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